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What’s the Plan for February?

February is one of my absolute favorite months in the classroom! However, like many schools, we have a shortened month because of “Ski Week!” So, there are LOTS of things to fit in during the few short days we actually have to teach! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ideas and books for the month to share!

First things first. Groundhog Day always bites me on the nose it comes around so quickly! I shared a super quick, adorable and FREE craft last week! You can snag it {HERE}

If you are really ambitious, you can whip up these adorable Groundhog Day cupcakes from Bakerella! C’mon…how stinkin’ cute are these?

Two of my favorite books for Groundhog Day are Groundhog’s Day Off & Groundhog Weather School {which mixes facts about groundhogs and weather into the book!}

There is so much fun stuff to do for Presidents’ Day!

Last year, we made these awesome Washington Heads. I try to make these at the beginning of the month so they can hang up for a long time!

To weave in a little math, we make a timeline for Lincoln’s life!

I love these videos from Scholastic Presidents! Click the picture to find the video on their website!

And check out these A-MAZING pennies the incredible Kathy from Art Projects for Kids made.  I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady at the PK1 Conference a few weeks ago and I kinda got starstruck! She’s the best at breaking art down for untalented people like me!

She also created a quarter version.  Seriously…too cute! And the directions really are so easy to follow!

Just Like Lincoln is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE book! It’s hard to find, but if you can score one from a second-hand seller, get it! George Washington’s Teeth is a silly {but true!} story about the terrible teeth of our first president! It ties nicely into Dental Health Month, too! And I love U.S. Presidents Oval Office All Stars because it gives a very simple non-fiction blurb for each President.

Love is certainly in the air, right? As an adult, I’m not into Valentine’s Day, but I absolutely LOVE to celebrate it in the classroom! The art projects are adorable, the books are fantastic, and the learning ideas you can roll into this theme are endless! Here’s a peek at a few of my favorites!

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A quick and easy center to set up are these Phonics mailboxes! The Target Dollar Spot has these adorable little boxes for kids to sort sounds.  You can grab this phonics FREEBIE over at the shop!

I’ve included a math version in my Stop in the Name of Love Unit!

Conversation hearts are always a big winner in February, too!

We use these tiny little boxes of conversation hearts for math and science explorations! So fun! You can grab these activities in Stop in the Name of Love unit, too!

And we’ll be making these fun iPods to hold our valentines this year! You can snag the FREEBIES to make these iLove playlists HERE! To make, just wrap a piece of construction paper around a cereal box!

One of my absolute favorite activities in the classroom for February comes from The Teacher Wife’s unit. Students write compliments & kind notes to each other! I always love to read the sweet words they write for each other!

“I heart you…Do you heart me?”

“I think you are beautiful”

Seriously first graders are the sweetest!

How can I choose just a few of my favorite books for Valentine’s Day? The Day It Rained Hearts is such a great book about friendship! A Crankenstein Valentine is a cute story about someone who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day! And my new favorite book for this holiday is Eve Bunting’s latest, Mr. Goat’s Valentine about a goat who takes his time selecting gifts for friends!

This year I’m keeping things simple for the 100th Day {since it also coincides with Chinese New Year at our school, too!}

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Hidden Hundreds Pictures are always a hit! I can’t believe how artistic kids can be when you allow them to be!

For writing, we’ll do “When I am 100” writing and use the Aging Booth App to make those little 6 & 7 year olds look a little bit older and wiser!

And we’ll also do a few pages from my Hooray for 100 pack!

Not gonna lie…there are very few good books out there for 100th Day! So, this year I mixed up my collection a bit and bought a few new ones! Disaster on the 100th Day is a spin on bringing a collection to school! And I love 100 Days of Cool {although it’s not a new book – it’s just new to my classroom!} I love the MathStart series of books and this one does not disappoint!

I hope you have a fabulous February!


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