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Spectacular Sight Word Activities

Sight Words {as you know} are a HUGE part of early reading! It is estimated that up to 75% of words that young children read are sight words! So, it’s ESSENTIAL that we make sure we do all we can to make sure kids can quickly recognize these words!

So the students become familiar with the words, we do lots of activities incorporating the words!

Top Secret Words

Top Secret Words are my favorite new way to get the kiddos practicing their sight words! More importantly, the students love Top Secret Words!

Top Secret Words to Practice Sight Words by Lucky to Be in First

Simply grab a sight word list and allow your students to write the words using Secret Message Invisible Pens!


To make it even more fun, photocopy the Top Secret Words page onto Astrobrights! You can snag the printable FREEBIE here!

Word Wall on the Go!

Word Wall on the go allows your students to bring the word wall to their desk!

I love that students can easily grab the words and take them back to their seat!

Word Wall on the Go by Lucky to Be in First

Lunchbox Sight Words

A super simple activity to prep are these Lunchbox Sight Words!

Short Vowel magnets {FREEBIE}

The kids pull out a sight word and use the magnetic letters to spell the word out.

Sight Word Magnets in a lunchbox {FREEBIE}

Grab the sight word files HERE.

I just printed onto bright Astrobrights and used these thin magnets to make them stick inside the metal lunchbox from Oriental Trading! Make sure to poke around for a free shipping code on OTC!

The lowercase magnetic letters are from Amazon but you can snag a set at Walmart, Target or even the dollar store, if you get lucky!

Want even more ways to get your kids to practice their sight words? Head over and snag a TON of FREEBIES here!



And, check out even more word work activities here.

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