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Short Vowel Games to Play in the Classroom

Phonics is probably my favorite subject to teach! English is SUCH a hard language and phonics gives children a chance to connect these tricky sounds to something! Because I teach phonics in some capacity each day, I like to mix it up! And I love using these fun short vowel games to help students in the classroom.

You may have found some new Phonics Ideas over in my Short Vowel Savvy post!

Today, I’m sharing how I use phonics games to give students a chance to practice those sounds as much as possible!

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Shutterfly Puzzles – Short i, Short o & More

Are you the Shutterfly’s email list? If you are, you’ll notice they send you emails all the time for free goodies! Well, one day I got an email for a FREE puzzle. I racked my brain for how I could turn this freebie offer into a classroom tool!

Ta-da! Short Vowel Puzzles! I did have to pay for the shipping {around $7, I think} but look how amazing it is!

The amazing thing about Shutterfly is that they always have sales! So even if you can’t score the puzzles for free…you can certainly get a great deal on it!

Short Vowel Puzzles Upload high-res photo to Shutterfly and create a puzzle for students to complete! | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch
a picture of 5 different short vowel games covering short a short e short i short o and short u words | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

You can snag the high-resolution photos to add to Shutterfly.  Then, you just simply drop the photo into your project! You can choose between a 60 and 252 piece puzzle.  We don’t have all year to put them together, so I opted for the 60 piece 🙂

The kids L•O•V•E these puzzles!

Phonics Dominoes

love these dominoes! Super easy to prep {just print, laminate, then cut – laminate first to save a step!} and pop into a Center or Daily 5 activity bucket!

phonics dominoes game for classrooms | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

As with any phonics activity, it’s important to review the pictures & words before you begin.  Often, a lot of these words are new to your little people! If you review the words as you introduce the game, they will not bug you {as much!} during the activity!

Short Vowel Memory Games!

The latest craze to hit my classroom is our Short Vowel Memory games! Again, using the coupons Shutterfly sends me, I’ve created a Memory Game for each short vowel!

Short U Memory Game using Shutterfly Puzzles | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch
Short Vowel Memory Game using Shutterfly Puzzles covering all short vowel sounds | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Using the “Upload Your Own” option, you can drop up to 12 pictures into the project.  Since this game comes with 24 cards, you basically get two memory games for the price of one!
You have a few different options for the “back” of the game, so make sure to switch it up for each design so that you can easily keep track of game pieces!

Want to make your own? Grab the high-res pictures HERE!

Please note: these memory pieces were created with special permission from Sarah of Educlips. You may not use these high-resolution images for any purpose other than this memory game or you will be in violation of my Terms of Use. 

Dice-Dice Baby Games

These games aren’t limited to vowels {the bundle includes ALL of the important phonics sounds!} but these are a huge hit around these parts.  I love that kids can play on their own or with a group.

They’re also self-checking on the backside, so kids can be completely independent!

dice dice baby short vowel word mat game | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Want to learn more about Dice Dice Baby? Read all about it HERE!

A few other phonics games…

I keep these low-prep clip cards, puzzles, and short vowel spelling cards hanging in our Daily 5 area so kids can easily grab and get to work! You can find all of these activities inside these phonics packs!

easy to prep short vowel games being used in a 1st grade classroom | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Recap of Short Vowel Games for Classrooms

I think the more you shove in their face expose students to words, they really do start to pick it up!

And playing these short vowel games can help students feel like they aren’t “learning”, but just having fun!


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