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Fun {Low-Prep} Phonics Games

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Lucky’s back with a brand new invention.

Phonics grabs a hold of me tightly…

Okay, I could go on with this little ditty but I’ll spare you and get right to the point! We are always on the lookout for easy, low prep games, right?

Today, I’m sharing one of my students’ FAVORITE phonics games: Dice Dice Baby – Totally Rad Phonics Games! I created these games as independent activities to reinforce phonics skills I’m teaching!

Each set comes with 3 different sets of 6 game cards {except the digraphs pack – it only has 2 sets of 6 game cards because there are limited words!} Here’s a peek at one of the three sets included in the beginning sounds pack.

I’ve also included a self-checking answer sheet.  Simply print the grayscale version onto the back for your kiddos to check if they’re correct!

A die template is included for each colored set.

I personally used blank cubes I picked up at the craft store and wrote the letters onto the cube.  You can also swing by the Dollar Tree and snag some blank foam dice!

To play, kids roll the die and match the letter to the picture.

The student to fill their card up first wins!

Alternatively, kids can play on their own just to practice their letter skills.I’ve stored everything needed for the game inside of a zipper pencil pouch. It includes all six game cards, die, and dry erase markers.

Make sure to stock up on these zipper pouches now – they’re super cheap for Back to School time!It made my heart happy the day after I made these games that one of my nephews woke up and asked, “Can we play your game again?”

Here are all the six Dice Dice Baby products on the shop!

Think they all look rad? Grab the Dice Dice Baby Bundle!

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  1. Those look fun! I wonder if you'd do a bundle of the long vowels, digraphs and blends. I could see using those in second grade, but probably not the others. The others could be bundled (B-M-E) could be bundles for Kinder, too!

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