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Catching Y’all Up on My Month!

Hello friends! Whew.  I finally have half a second to catch my breath and share what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks! In the past 29 days, I’ve spent 3 nights in my own bed!

Just before leaving for Vegas, JB and I went to an awesome two-day wedding for some friends of ours. It was my first Indian wedding and it was great! They had henna, a Baraat {groom’s entrance!} a robot, dancing, and food for days! I ate my weight in Chaat!

And they gave the  perfect party favor for my upcoming adventures!

As I’m sure you’ve read all over the teacher bloggy world, Vegas was amazing! I was there from Sunday – Saturday {which by the way is WAY too much Vegas!} However, I was lucky enough to attend the I Teach 1st so it was necessary to be there all week! I learned a ton! My favorite sessions were presented by Pat Pavelka.  She is AMAZING! Go spend some time on her blog and order her books. And if you’re ever given a chance to see her…GO!

I met up with my bloggy pals in real life and met tons of other amazing women! It was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to go back next year! If you did not attend this year, pull out a jar and start saving your coins.  It was worth every single penny to hear the inspiring stories, gather tons of information and most importantly, spend time with amazing women!

These pictures represent about 1% of what’s on my camera from Vegas!

I got back from Vegas on Saturday afternoon.  My awesome sister was waiting for me at the airport with a burrito. I spent exactly 15 hours in California where I unpacked, tidied up my house and got some laundry done.

On Sunday, JB and I jumped on a plane and flew to Nashville {with a layover in VEGAS!}.  Nashville is awesome! The food is great, the talent is unreal, and the people are outrageously helpful! The highlight of my trip to Nashville was popping in to see the GoNoodle folks. They rule! You can read what I think of GoNoodle {here}

If you’re ever in Nashville, stay at the Omni and eat at Peg Leg Porker {awesome “nachos”} and The Southern {the drinks will knock your socks off!}

Then, we rented a car and drove to Chattanooga {adorable} and Atlanta {a little too big for me!}

Savannah was up next and I fell in love. Seriously, I could move to that city in a heartbeat.
We ate at The Olde Pink House – which is where is ate the greatest meal of my life.  (FYI, I got the fried lobster which was to die for!}

There cocktails were amazing too! And this view wasn’t bad either 🙂

We stayed at The Brice {highly recommend Kimpton properties if you ever get the chance to stay in one!} and they brought us a fish. We named him MoJo.

And we finished off our time in Savannah with a trip to Tybee Island.

This view never gets old. Savannah, I will definitely be back in your city one day!

And our final stop was Charleston. What a charming town!

The Spanish Moss is stunning and dramatic.

We visited the Magnolia Plantation {where it was so hot I almost stopped functioning!}

After spending a few days in the city, we ventured over to the beach to relax. We parked ourselves on the beach at Sullivan’s Island for 3 days. I read 3 books in that time – two of which were about Sullivan’s Island! {Nantucket SistersThe Summer Girls and The Summer Wind}

Bud Light Lime is my new favorite drink.  How did I not know this existed before?  This picture was taken at Poe’s Tavern {in Sullivan’s Island, SC} which has the best hamburger I’ve ever had in my life.  It was so good that we went back three times.  It was starting to get embarrassing that the wait staff recognized us! You should really plan a trip to SC just to have this burger.

This picture just makes my heart happy.

Here’s a few highlights from the road: I ate at Cracker Barrel for the first time ever. It was great!

We rented bikes in Chattanooga. So fun!

Where I saw a street with my name!

We saw this dog!

We rented a pontoon and hung out on the Ocoee River.

We took in a Braves game…where it poured on us!

But at the game I got to try Waffle House.  I totally get what all the hype is for!

Even their signs in the South are so well-mannered!

To all of my instagram friends – THANK YOU! I got so many great suggestions for restaurants and activities to fill our time on the road thanks to you!

To all of you Southerners, you are amazing! Everyone we met was gracious, kind, and helpful.  I wish the whole wide world could have the manners of Southerners! Thank you for making my first trip to the South so very unforgettable!

And here’s proof that our trip was a success – 4 adorable pairs of new shoes!

And just in case you didn’t believe me that I was on the road for a long time – Here’s a peek at the toiletries I stock piled on my adventures!

It was great to come home…where I did laundry and tidied up my house again. Then, got in my car the next day to head to the mountains and spend time with my family for a few weeks!

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  1. Sounds like a super fun month! I'd travel somewhere just for a yummy burger, so it sounds like I'll have to plan a trip to Sullivan's Island. 🙂
    -Kelly 🙂
    Mrs. Campbell's Kids

  2. Wow! You did have a whirlwind time away! I'll have to hit you up for some suggestions on things to do in the south, if we ever get a chance to go out there with two kiddos.

    What I Have Learned

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