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Freebie Roundup!

My blog has been neglected for the week.  Anyone have a guess why? Oh that’s right – I’m back to school! Haha.  Well, actually, I’m not quite in the trenches with kiddos {that’s on Monday!} but I’ve been back in my room all week making it pretty and planning!

As I’m cleaning things out, I realized I have a whole bunch of freebies sitting around my computer! So, let’s perk up everyone’s day with a few freebies!

First up, my sister asked for a cute To Do list to keep on her desk. Lucky you, I’ve included a couple options for you! Here’s the Print & Go Version and Editable Version for downloading.

I mentioned in my post on Vegas about listening to the amazing Pat Pavelka! During her session dedicated to digging deeper into non-fiction texts, she had us create a set of cards to share with our kids during discussions.

Grab your set {here} I simply added a graphic and made them cute – they are all Pat’s ideas!

One of Pat’s big messages in another session was to get kids writing! It doesn’t matter if they are writing notes to friends, in their journals or even tattle notes! So, I whipped up a fun little Tattle Trash. I plan to direct the kiddos to this corner when they have a problem to “throw” out!

I just love it!

Do you ever find yourself repeating the same phrases over and over again? For me, it’s this phrase! So, I decided to fancy it up and add it to my classroom this year. You can grab yours {here}

So, this may be a little late for this year for most of you, but grab these Back to School Postcards to get your kiddos excited! I’ve included PreK- 4th grade! Just head over to my Facebook Page, “like” my page and click on the Fan Freebies tab!

Who doesn’t love mail?

And for the last freebie, way back at the end of the year, we read the book Dogs Don’t Brush Their Teeth by Diane DeGroat. The kids crack up at the ridiculous things these dogs do! We create our own version called Animals Don’t…

Grab Animals Dos & Don’ts {here}


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