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12 Must-Do Activities for Your Students in March

Where did January and February go? How is it already March?!

March is such a fun time of year in school….Young Author’s Week, St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, Easter is just around the corner, and SPRING BREAK!!!!  Here is how I make my classroom educational yet festive and fun in March.

Here are 12 easy-to-prep activities for students to do that are all themed around special topics and holidays we teach during the month of March.  I created this product to be used as morning work {during that awkward time when half of my students arrive anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes early and the other half will show up just before the bell or maybe even a few minutes late!}

However, I quickly began to realize that these really could be used anytime someone needed something to do.  The activities range from creating lists, illustrating math problems, and forming an opinion around a certain topic…just to list a few.


If you aren’t quite convinced this product is perfect for your classroom, try a FREE sample of my Wake Up Workouts!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Celebrate Dr. Seuss during Young Author’s Week by creating this adorable craftivity by Inner Child Fun. Everything you NEED to create this project is more than likely in your classroom and no printing is involved.  I like this activity because you can make it as simple or as complex as you would like (or have time for).  Use the suggested writing prompts or make your own.  Provide additional materials for the students to decorate, such as flag stickers or maps they can cut up.


March Class Books

I have never met a teacher that said their class didn’t love creating and reading class books!  Year after year, my students love them – like they are never on the classroom library shelf and each page shows the time that has been spent in the hands of their authors by the dozens of tiny creases all over each page, kind of love.  

These are perfect because the cover and writing prompt is already prepped for you.  Have your students complete the writing exercise, print out the cover of your choice, then bind it all together!

These are perfect because the cover and writing prompt is already prepped for you.  Have your students complete the writing exercise, print out the cover of your choice, bind it all together, and tada…a class book! Your students are proud authors!

Spring is Near!

This is one of my favorite activities to do with my students.  It’s a great visual reminder of the changing seasons.  Oh, and of course, it involves paint and fingerprints which make kids and parents both happy. {This teacher who hates messy things…not so much!}


Spring Art Printable FREEBIE!

A great book to tie in with this art project is Gail Gibbons, The Season’s of Arnold’s Apple Tree. {Affiliate link} It’s a little old-fashioned look, but it’s a wonderful book!

Textile Rainbow Art

I love this art project by Evolving Motherhood.  Many of the items needed for this project will already be in your classroom, can be found at the nearest dollar store, or shipped overnight if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Your students will love to allow their creativity to run wild all while reviewing the color order of the rainbow.  Who knows?  It may even spark up some conversations about the color theory or how rainbows or formed…or if there really is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!


March B.A.T. Book

You know I love me some B.A.T. Books!

When I hear a student say the words, “I’m Done.” it sounds like nails being dragged across a chalkboard! I just can’t take it.  These 20 engaging activities are perfect to have your students work on throughout the entire month anytime they are finished with their work and need something to keep them busy.

This month’s activities are themed around Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and March Madness to even further engage your students.

The March B.A.T. Book is available for both First Grade & Second Grade!

Want to try a handful of my B.A.T. Book Activities free first? Go snag it!

St. Patricks’ Day Snap Cubes

I absolutely love adding Snap Cube mats to my math bins! The only prep required of these St. Patrick’s Day Snap Cubes is printing off the mats and laminating if you choose!

A mini book is included for students to record the number of cubes used.

Grow a Leprechaun!

Go snag this cute leprechaun head to have your students grow their very own leprechaun! This is a super easy project to have your students do and 99.9% of the time can’t be messed up.

You’ll just need clear plastic cups {I got these green cups at the Dollar Tree}, potting soil, and some grass seeds.  I have also included an observation sheet so you can tie all this fun into your curriculum.  Have your students draw their observations before and during the process.  Science

Have your students draw their observations before and during the process.  Science done right…fast, easy, cross-curricular and fun!

Draw a Leprechaun!

Have you done a directed drawing with your students yet?  If you haven’t…you MUST!   The kids love them and the bonus is that the activity is a great for working on listening skills! I love directed drawings because they allow EVERYONE to be an artist.

Directed Drawings are the perfect activity to kick off a unit and create an adorable bulletin board every time! Check out this Leprechaun Directed Drawing by First Grade Blue Skies on TPT.


Catch Some Leprechauns!

If you make a big deal out of St. Patrick’s Day in your classroom {like I do}, you NEED this book in your classroom library!  But first…a writing assignment, of course.   Read this book to your class then have them complete this fun how-to book about catching a leprechaun.

How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace {affiliate link}


Now it’s your students’ turn to write some directions! Grab the How to Catch a Leprechaun FREEBIE!

How to Catcha Leprechaun How-To Writing Freebie {Lucky to Be in First}

March Madness Fun!

Actually, this March Madness pack is full of many March themes…not just basketball.   These activities are perfect to supplement and review your lessons in every content area. Your students will love these fun thematic themed pages.

March Madness Fan?  Are your students? Or do you want them to be? Either way, they’ll enjoy creating this basketball hoop craft.

You could make this an individual project or even a partner STEM activity.  Maybe you could even have a mini “basketball” tournament in your class at the end of the day on Friday! How fun would it be to tie in an educational review game {you know, so it isn’t all “fun and games!”}


What “magic” do you have going on in your classroom this month?

PS- Here’s a bonus activity! Check out the Would You Rather Spring Writing Prompts here.

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