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Spring Fever in the Classroom

Spring fever is real. You can’t tell any teacher otherwise. When the weather begins to warm up, students begin to think about summertime. They have visions of playing outside all day, and not sitting in the classroom.

It can be tough to keep our students engaged when warm sunny days are on the brain. Today, I have a round-up of my favorite spring ideas that will help cure your students’ spring fever!

Spring Draw It! Write it! Read It!

This line of journals is a great way to motivate reluctant writers! These print-and-go pages prompt students to draw about a topic, write about it, then read back over it (or read with a partner).

Getting your students writing about the spring and completing engaging directed drawings is sure to cure their spring fever!

Spring Opinion Writing

Get your students making choices in their writing with these spring would you rather prompts! These fun prompts ask students to choose between one spring choice and another. (i.e. Would you rather have ladybug spots or tiger stripes?)

With room to illustrate, these printable pages make an excellent center. Engaging your students in as many spring-themed literacy activities as possible will give them a place to channel their excitement about the beautiful weather!

Spring Snap Cubes

Let your students’ creativity shine through with spring snap cube designs! These pages come as mats or mini-books, which makes them so versatile in how you use them in your classroom.

Place them in a center, a morning tub, or use them in small groups! Students use colored snap cubes to fill the design on the paper. Then, they answer a series of math questions about the number of cubes they used! It’s great counting practice, as well as being a perfect cure to spring fever!

Code Breakers Task Cards

Code Breakers are an easy-to-use set of task cards. Students solve math problems on task cards, then write the answer on the recording sheet. The pictures next to different numbers will help them crack the code! 

The spring-themed code breakers is a seasonal way to spiral review math skills. The mystery around the code is so engaging for students. On top of that, the cards are colored by skill. You can differentiate the tasks by having some students complete both addition and subtraction problems. This promotes fact fluency!

Pattern Block Flowers

Pattern Block Flowers is a great math craft to do this spring! Students will use printable pattern blocks to design a flower. After creating their flowers, they count up the shapes they used!

This is a great activity to review geometry standards at the end of your shapes unit this year. Plus, because this craft is so cute, it makes the perfect wall display for the spring season!

Cure Spring Fever Today!

Pair some of the ideas from this blog with some spring-themed read alouds, directed drawings, brain breaks, and science experiments.

The best way to keep students engaged in learning is to build lessons around what is exciting to them! If you suspect your students are dreaming of being outside in the sun, bring some sunshine into your room with these activities!

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