Want to add FUN to your Math block?

Digital Phonics Practice!

In today’s world, you need to keep the learning exciting, engaging, and entertaining if you want kids to join in, right?! That’s why I created Sound Tappers to help students master their phonics skills using digital resources!

I am always searching for ways to sneak phonics instruction into our day. Sound Tappers are PowerPoint presentations that can be used on any computer with PowerPoint installed and on iPads {when the free PowerPoint app is installed!}

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I love that Sound Tappers are no-prep and waste no paper resources!

To get started with Sound Tappers, simply pick a skill. I’ve included 24 different phonics skills that early readers need to master.

Phonics Sound Tappers | Digital Phonics Task Cards

Students will tap a dot and listen for the sound. Then, after hearing all of the sounds, they tap the picture that blends into the word they heard.

Phonics Sound Tappers | Digital Phonics Task Cards | Lucky to Be in First

Grab the bundle of Sound Tappers! It’s filled with all sorts of skills that will give your young readers extra practice in sound segmentation.

And check out the popular Ending T-Blends Sound Tappers here!

Please note: Sound Tappers will NOT work on Google Classroom or within the Google Docs suite. 

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