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Teacher Stamps!

Okay, I'm here with my obsession – teacher stamps! You guys…seriously, I don't know what it is about a lil' rubber stamp {and, of course, a silly pun} that gets my kiddos so motivated to do their best!

But these self-inking teacher stamps are a game changer!

You may have seen over on Instagram that I am growing a BIG collection of stamps! It honestly started with just one…and then another…and finally, I had to clear out a drawer of {unused!} art supplies to make room for the collection.

I allow my Class President of the Day to select a stamp for me to use throughout the day. {I'm too lazy/forgetful to switch out jobs daily or weekly, so each morning after attendance, I pull a popsicle stick with a name out of a jar.  That person is IT for the day! They are my sidekick all day and help me pass papers, run errands, be the line leader, etc.}

There are TONS of options to choose from in my store! Here are a few of my favorites people have selected



Want to start building up your own teacher stamp collection? Check out Lucky Stamps!

For just $15.95 each month {including shipping!}, you'll be able to select one of three new stamps to add to your collection! Plus, you'll get a 15% off coupon to use in my Etsy store so you can add even more at savings!

Take a peek at some of the recent choices included in Lucky Stamps!

I can't promise that this will make all of your grading go away, but I can promise it'll make it more fun to do with Lucky Stamps! Go sign up for Lucky Stamps or check out everything available in The Lucky Store!

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