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On the Go Learning

Do you have students who sometimes take extended vacations? Are you always scrambling to gather work for these students to fill the days? 

Well, I have a solution for you that is simple, low-prep, and high impact! 

This Independent Study Work Pack is for students who are out of the classroom – whether that’s a long illness, extended vacation or now, school closures!

On the Go Learning Made Easy

On-the-Go Lessons does not rely on technology because we just don’t know what our students have at home or when they are on a trip. We do know that they have a pencil, paper, and crayons to use.

On-the-Go Learning Resources

Here’s a peek at what’s included.

The pack is set up by the day. For each day, the following is included: A Reading Passage {two different levels included}, a Writing Prompt {with two styles of papers}, a Math lesson, and game, and either a Science or Social Studies Lesson.

Two versions of the Parent Letters are included – one for Independent Studies and another for Distance Learning.

Choose the cover that works for your students and add the Reading Log on the back! 

There are reading passages {which come from Camp Comprehension FYI} Two levels are included so you can differentiate for your students {or even use with K kiddos!}

Each math lesson includes a standards-based worksheet and a card game for parents to play with their children reinforcing the skill.

Each day also includes a writing prompt with two styles of paper. At the bottom of each page has boxes for students to check off and self-monitor his/her writing. The topics cover narrative, informative and opinion writing prompts}

I’ve included blank paper as well in case you want your kiddos to free write!

Science centers on Weather and Social Studies focuses on the US Symbols.

Lastly, there’s a note to send home to parents with suggested online resources, if you’d like. 

Four weeks of learning are in On the Go Learning – Volume One

The pack includes a file that can be emailed to parents since you aren’t likely able to photocopy and send packs off with students.

What I love is that you can run off just the number of days that your students will be out of the classroom. 

Need more than 20 days of learning? Check out On the Go Learning – Volume 2!

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