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Sending Students Happy {E} Mail!

One of my very favorite things in life is checking my mailbox each day. It’s usually just bills or local house listings but I am always hopeful there will be a fun card or surprise from someone! I LOVE to send people Happy Mail and I’m always hopeful I’ll get some in return!

Then, I got thinking that kids probably love Happy Mail, too! But sending notes to our classroom students can add up in postage.

So, I dreamed up Happy {E}Mail!

To use, you’ll just need a Google Account and an email address to send

How to Personalize the Card

First, you’ll select the card you’d like to send to your student and tap on the picture.

It’ll open up in your Google account and ask you to make a copy to add to your Drive.

I suggest that you make a second copy and rename it for the student you’d like to send the card to. This card will also sit in your Drive but now you’ll have your original {the copy from above} and this version {which you’ll be emailing to your student}

Rename the card with the student’s name.

Then, start editing the card with a personalized message for your student. You can change the font, increase the size, change the color, or even add a photo!

To preview what your student will see when you email it, go to the first slide and click on the Present button in the top right-hand corner. Your card will appear in full-screen. A black heart will appear on the screen. Tap that heart and it will “open” to the inside of the card!

How to Email Your Card

Once you’ve created your card, it’s time to “mail”

To get started, click on the “Share” button in the top right-hand corner.

In this box, you’ll want to enter the email address for your student {and perhaps add the parent’s email address, too!} as well as a quick note!

Your student will get an email from you letting him/her know that they’ve received a card!

When your student clicks on that blue button from their email it’ll open up to your card!

You can find it in the Lucky Store here!

 Snag this FREEBIE and send some Happy Mail to your students!

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  1. As a cyber teacher, I must thank you for these amazing resources to let my students know that I do recognize their accomplishments and special moments in their lives. Sometimes I truly don’t have the time to make something from scratch, but the templates that you have created are fantastic. Thank you for helping to make my life a little easier while also putting a smile on the faces of my students!

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