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Phew…what a few years it’s been, right? I know these last few years have been a challenge, especially for us teachers.

As many of you’ve I’ve definitely gone through many stages ranging from “Seriously…we’re stuck inside for how long?” to “Awesome! I get extra time to watch Luke grow up right in front of me!” {and, of course, everything in between}

But if I’ve learned anything in the past couple of years while reading the newspaper, watching the news, and of course, looking on Instagram and Facebook, it’s that people are doing amazing things to Stay Healthy and Safe!

Today, I’m here to share a few ideas that are helping me feel less overwhelmed and stressed during this crazy time.

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Read Books

Now this one is probably no surprise to any of you! This extra time at home has given me the gift of time to cut through my TBR list!

Most of these books are from Book of the Month. It’s the happiest mail I get each month!

Need some suggestions? Go check out @mollysluckyreads on Instagram or find me on Goodreads

Or, you can check out my Summer Reading List!

Listen to Books

Sometimes after sitting in front of my computer for hours each day, I’m too tired to even hold a book! But not to worry – that’s what audiobooks are for! I love to listen to someone read me a story {I totally get why kids are quiet during storytime in our classes now!}

I have two favorite ways to listen to audiobooks:

Hoopla is a free service through your local library. You simply sign up with your library card and you’ll get access to 20 titles a month! They also have music, e-books, comics, television, and movies. All for free {a teacher’s favorite word} I’ve listened to a bunch of fabulous books over the past few months. Availability depends on your local library.

2. Libro.fm sells audiobooks giving 100% of the profits to your local bookstore! You can buy a monthly membership or buy a book as you want to “read” it. The coolest part? Being an educator, you can get access to a few titles for free each month! Just make sure to set up a new account and then fill out the form to join the ALC Program!

Get Crafty!

I am a total wannabe crafter! I follow all sorts of people on Instagram that share amazing projects. Although I’m not that crafty, I have started using my new Cricut Explore Air 2 to make some fun projects.

I recently made my mom a Mother’s Day present, some pouches for my teammates and a label for some bathroom spray?I am obsessed with their Infusible Ink {which I used on the Dog Mom bag and two of the pouches} My mom was shocked to learn that I actually made her bag!

There are SO many amazing ideas on Pinterest for painting, hand-lettering, coloring, and so much more. Throw on an audiobook and get your craft on!

Retail Therapy

I saw this meme the other day and I almost spit out my water while reading it! Each day I anxiously wait for the mail because I know I have some fabulous goodie headed my way – ha! {Okay, maybe not every day but I think JB would appreciate a little less shopping!}

I’m trying to Shop Small during this time at home because I know how much it means to me that people are still supporting my Etsy shop! I recently wrote a post about my favorite teacher sellers.

Around here our stores are still not open but I hope to support small boutiques as much as I can when they reopen.

Try New Recipes

I’ve never pretended to love cooking. And now that I’m stuck cooking multiple times a day, I hate it even more 🙂 On the upside…JB is now home to help split the duties! We order Hello Fresh each week because a. I hate grocery shopping almost as much as I hate cooking and b. It’s dummy-proof cooking!

The good news is that it’s delicious food and really isn’t hard to do! Plus, the meals are usually big enough that we have some leftovers {which means one less meal to make!}

Do you have any must-make meals {that are easy!!} Let me know!

Okay, so that’s how I’m staying sane during this time. What are you doing?

What do you dream of doing? My list is short: get a pedicure and a massage…one day 🙂

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