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Digital Morning Meetings

As teachers, we know that strong routines are one of the most important {if not the most important} classroom management tools we have! Start your day off right each day with Digital Morning Meetings.

I am ALL about routines in my life – how I wash my face, how I get my breakfast ready, and a thousand other things I do on a daily basis. I thrive on routine!

Early on in my teaching, I realized that kids also need routine! They like the structure of knowing what comes next! Don’t you?

Each morning, I start the day with a very predictable routine using Digital Morning Meetings. I used to have a whole wall in my classroom dedicated to all of the things that are now in this daily routine!

Take a peek below at what’s included in the Google Drive version of Digital Morning Meetings.

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Morning Message

Imagine what you do in your classroom when you sit down {likely in your comfy teacher chair!} You give a little welcome to your students and preview your day, right?

The editable morning message slide allows you to drop in your own note. You can add birthday announcements, virtual field trips, or what you’re learning for the day.


Every single primary teacher knows the need for calendar time! It’s so important for dozens of reasons – days of the week, months, skip counting, adding, and so much more!

We ALL have those students that even in June still can’t figure out what month comes next, right? So yes…we need to do calendar every.single.day.

I’ve added a circle to this slide so you can show your students what day it is on the calendar by “ringing” the date.

Using the monthly calendar the students can help you fill in the date and the days of the week.

Today’s Day

Counting the days in school gives me great joy each day. I love to see the number grow as my kiddos’ brains do! The virtual manipulatives give your students a visual on how to build numbers with our base-ten system. {I’ve also included a version that has a hundreds column too, but we start small!}

Did You Know?

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a good Did You Know? Fact! I love to share these random bits of trivia. You’d be shocked at how many great conversations are started because of a simple fact! Digital Morning Meetings has all-new facts to share with your students.

Math in a Minute

I’ve included a quick-math warm up for each day to get your kids chatting about math in various ways. The questions included both open-ended and questions with answers.

Let’s Chit Chat

Through conversations, students learn so much about how to be a good human! I’ve included a Chit Chat starter for each day to encourage students to think about how they think of themselves and others.

Inference Detective

Inferencing is such a big part of early reading so I like to give my students lots of opportunities to practice this tricky skill! I’ve included a picture for each day with the open-ended question of “What can you infer from the picture”

Hopefully, your students will look just beyond the subject in the photo and pay attention to the weather, clothes, the background and so much more! Building a strong foundation of inferencing will serve your young readers well as they grow as readers {and writers!}

I hope Digital Morning Meeting starts a great routine for your classroom, too!

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  1. These are beautiful! How do you plan to use them. Will you share your screen? Will the students preview? Are the student’s answers all verbal? I would love a description of your process. Thank you, Tammy

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