Want to add FUN to your Math block?

Math Mats for Hands-On Math

We all know how important it is for little hands to touch things in order to gain a greater understanding. It’s true for all things…especially math!

As we navigate our new learning environments {whether from home or six-feet apart in our classrooms} we still need our kiddos touching things! Perhaps, even more, now that we can’t get up close and personal while we teach important foundational math skills to our students.

To solve this problem, I am using Math Mats with my students this year for our Math learning.

I’ve created every mat that I think little learners will need to help them master the important math skills – from number lines to number bonds to comparing numbers! There are 25+ mats included in the pack!

Plus, I’ve included math manipulatives in case you can’t use the manipulatives you already have in your classroom.

If you slip the mats into plastic sheet protectors, you can also use dry-erase markers to write directly onto the mats!

In this super odd time of learning, these Math Mats have been a lifesaver!

I slipped all of the Math Mats I needed into an inexpensive binder I picked up at Walmart and placed the math manipulatives into the zippered pouch. Oh, and if you don’t want to cut out all the manipulatives, I’ve added a printable post-it with instructions to have parents help cut and place them all in!

There are SO many more included – go check ’em out!

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