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Fall Classroom Games, Activities, Crafts & Project Ideas for 1st & 2nd Grade

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite Fall Projects and Ideas to use in your primary classroom during the wonderful month of November! These crafts and activities are perfect for 1st and 2nd grade and even some Kindergarten classrooms!

I’m not a huge fan of eating turkey…but I am a huge fan of making fun turkeys in the classroom with my little turkeys! So check out some of my favorites for the month of November!

Classroom Gratitude Jars

Last year, I started a classroom gratitude jar for our classroom and it was the highlight of our month! We have so many discussions around what we’re thankful for – from our friends to the food we have to the pencils we write with.

A Classroom Gratitude Jar is a wonderful way to reflect on all students are thankful for. | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Having the jar sit at the front of our classroom was a great reminder. As students thought of an idea, they wrote on the slip of paper and dropped into the jar. At the end of each day, we read our new additions.

After a few days of doing this activity as a class, we gather the materials for the students to create a “Family Gratitude Jar” at home. It was a hit with families, too!

Family Gratitude Jars are a great way for families to reflect on what is important. | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Pattern Block Turkeys

You cannot look at these turkeys not smile, right? BONUS: they are practicing making patterns and building new shapes with pattern blocks!

I’ve recently added a Google Drive version of these pattern block turkeys so your kiddos can create these darling turkeys on their computer, too!

Pattern Block Turkeys are fun to make in Google Drive! | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

How cute are these digital turkeys?

Fall Sudoku

I love finding ways to stretch kiddos’ brains…but keep it fun! Logic is such an important skill to build up in our young learners.

Sudoku is a great game to build logic skills in your young learners. | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Playing Fall Sudoku is definitely a way to get your kiddos thinking logically! There’s a print version + a Google Drive version of these Fall Sudoku puzzles, too.

Sudoku in Google Drive is easy for students to do without cutting anything out!

Logic Leaves

One of my other favorite logic activities is Logic Leaves. Students need to read the clues and arrange the leaves according to the clues. I’ve started using these in my small group lessons and it’s amazing to see the kids work together to solve the clues.

Logic Leaves are a great way to stretch your students' logic skills. | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I’ve recently included a digital version of the leaves too so your kids can play from anywhere!

Digital Logic Leaves for Google Drive give your students a chance to read clues and move the digital leaves around. | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Thankful Turkeys

We all use November as a time to really reflect on what we’re most grateful for.

picture of finished thankful turkeys done by 1st graders | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I love creating these turkeys with my students. There are lots of options included and make such a fun display in your classroom {or peeking over a student’s shoulder in your Zoom meetings!}

Fall – Would You Rather? Writing

Are you tired of hearing, ‘I don’t know what to write about!” Well, one thing I’ve learned about 6 and 7 year olds over the years is that they always have an opinion!

So, I’ve learned to turn those opinions into writing opportunities about Fall! Fall Would You Rather? Opinion Writing includes printable + digital writing prompts.

Would You Rather? Fall Prompts give students a chance to share their opinions | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Fall Snap Cubes

Kids cannot get enough of these fun Fall Snap Cube activity cards! Not only are they working on their fine motor and following direction skills, but they are also then asked to follow up their work with some math skills of important concepts {ten more, ten less, one more, and one less}

Fall Snap Cubes are a HIT with students! They love to build pictures and then complete the mini book. | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Check out the Thanksgiving Snap Cubes, too!

Thanksgiving Snap Cube Mats and Mini Books are a blast for students to create! | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Don’t want your kiddos touching the materials? Check out my Fall Snap Cube BOOM Cards! They’ll get to practice the same skills but in digital form!

Fall Snap Cubes for BOOM Cards make it an awesome alternative to using snap cubes! | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Fall Pattern Blocks

Another fan favorite are these Fall Pattern Block Mats + Mini Books. Once again, the kiddos don’t even realize they are learning as they create these fall pictures.

Fall Pattern Block Mats + Mini Books give students a chance to work with pattern blocks and important math skills. | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

The mini-book gives the students a chance to count up the number of each shape used. Check out the Thanksgiving Pattern Block Mats + Mini books, too!

Do you have any favorite Fall projects?

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