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My Favorite Books of 2020

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Phew – what a year! With all the craziness {and extra time on my own} I was able to squeeze in a whole bunch of reading!

When going through all the books I read in 2020 over on Goodreads, I noticed a trend. Apparently, I am a sucker for a good thriller! BUT, I also can’t get enough “happy ever after” books either!

So charge up those Kindles and add these books to your wishlist!

My Favorite Thrillers

I read My Lovely Wife while hanging out this summer in the park with Luke and JB. I begged JB to play with Luke so I could finish up the final few pages of this thriller because I could not believe the final pages.

The Guest List had lots of hype, but it did not disappoint! The story takes places during a wedding weekend on a small remote island where everyone seems to have an ax to grind. It’s told from mutliple points of view, so it keeps you thinking throughout. It’ll keep you guessing till the very end.

I very rarely rate a book five-stars but I could not put down The Wife Stalker. The ending will honestly have your mouth on the floor. I love this duo’s books and their latest did not disappoint!

To be fair, The Silent Patient came out in 2019. I resisted reading it because it just never caught my attention. But for some reason, I picked it up in the fall and I am SO glad I did! It starts very slow, but once you get into the story, you will be hooked. And as with any good thriller…just wait till the end!

My Favorite Fiction Books

A Woman is No Man is so beautifully written that it was hard to put down. I was fascinated by so much of the cultural norms strongly held with the family. It is a tragic story and so worth a read. This is one of those books that I will certainly pick up and read again.

Oona Out of Order is just an all-around fun read! When I first read the synopsis {a woman who lives her life out of order} I could not wrap my head around how this could work. But seriously, it’s so fun to read along as Oona discovers how her life unfolds…out of order!

I actually listened to Oona Out of Order on libro.fm and it was FABULOUS to hear the story read to me! I love libro.fm – they sell audiobooks and give 100% of the profits to your local bookstore. You can buy a monthly membership or buy a book as you want to “read” it. 

Have you read anything from Frederik Backman? He seems to make my list of must-reads each year and for good reason. He has an incredible talent for developing characters into people that you feel like you know {and then miss when the book is all over!}

I got this book as my Book of the Month pick but ended up listening to Anxious People {again on libro.fm!} instead. The reader did such an amazing job that it was a treat to listen to this story about a bank robber…who really wasn’t a bank robber at all. Go read {or listen!} to it.

If you’ve read any other list or have seen my Instagram posts, you know I am obsessed {yes, obsessed} with all things Elin Hildebrand. That woman could re-write the Nantucket phonebook and I’d be first in line for a copy!

I read two of her books this year: Troubles in Paradise {the third in the Paradise series} and 28 Summers.

Troubles in Paradise wraps up the adventures of the Steele family in St. John who are reeling from the knowledge that their husband/father had been living a double life – very different from his life in Iowa.

And in what may be my favorite Elin book of all, is 28 Summers. This book follows Mallory through 28 important summers of her life – from falling in love to having a child to laying on her deathbed. I very rarely cry at books…and this one got to me. Elin does an incredible job at capturing the important events spanning the globe in each of these 28 years.

My Favorite “Light” Reads

Lots of books fall into my “light” reads. Light reads can be read while standing in line at the grocery store on your phone, while a child hangs on you, or as your eyes are about to fall out of your head because you’ve spent the majority of your daying Zooming with children 🙂

Basically, any plot where people take off their clothes or fall in love {and perhaps both in the same story – ha!} falls into my “light reads” category. They are books where you don’t really have to think too much! It’s a bonus when a book is part of a series because I feel like I’m visiting with some old friends from book to book. Anyone else?

Do not let the cheesy covers of Sarina Bowen’s True North Series scare you off! This series is so fun to read! After reading the seven books I truly felt like I was saying goodbye to my friends.

What’s even more fun is that some of her characters from the True North series weave into The Company series.

Roommaid is such a fun, light book. It’s super predictable, but enjoyable nonetheless! It’s free on Kindle Unlimited {as are many other “light read” authors I love! Lauren Layne, Helena Hunting, Lucy Score, and R.S. Grey are just a few of my faves who have vast libraries on Kindle Unlimited!}

If you are adventurous in your reading, you should definitely check out Kindle Unlimited. I’ve discovered so many great reads and it’s a deal! You can read unlimited books each month for just $9.99 {and your first 30 days is free so you can see if you like it before you commit!

Need some suggestions? Go check out #luckyreads on Instagram or find me on Goodreads. Have any suggestions for me? Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite book of 2020 was!

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  1. I read a couple of the same books. Right now, I am catching up and reading Pretty little Wife. Happy early New Year!

  2. I have used this list for over a year now. Any time I need a good read, it turn to it. Thank you for sharing and for having some pretty great taste!


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