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Small Group Reading Tip

It’s no surprise I’m forgetful {blame it on the ADHD!} so I often have a hard time remembering what I do each day with my small groups. I’m sure we all do! We’re meeting with multiple groups and focusing on multiple skills – in addition to all the other subjects we teach throughout the day. Today I’m sharing a quick organization tip that will keep you organized in your small groups.

How I Structure Small Groups

In my classroom, there are {usually!} five groups. The kids in each group are at the same level and working on the same skills.

I meet with each of my groups daily and we work on skills including phonics, heart words, reading a book, writing a dictated sentence, etc.

The only exception is my high flyers. They don’t need daily instruction since they are such solid readers already and are reading books above grade level. I check in with them two to three times a week since we’re working on Lit Circles at this point in the year.

How I Organize My Materials

I keep all of the small group materials inside of these boxes – one per color. All books, lessons, and other important materials for each group are stored inside this box.

So when I call over the “red” or “orange” group they know who I am calling over and I can simply pull the box out and get going.

{Note: the names are on the boxes but I’ve covered them to protect their names!}

You can read more of what I do during our small groups here.

Keeping Track of What Happens in Small Group

As I mentioned, I forget pretty quickly what I’m working on! So, inside of each box I have a clipboard and a small group reading recording sheet.

I quickly jot down notes so I can reference what we chatted about each day when my little readers show up at my horseshoe table.

I only do reading groups four times a week because we have a minimum day on Wednesdays and small group instruction just doesn’t fit into our schedule. I promise we do other literacy activities 🙂

Are you able to meet with your readers daily? I’ve included both a 4 day and 5 day plan in the FREE download!

More of a digital planner? Not to worry – I’ve got ya covered! It’s included in the freebie, too!

Do you have any tips for staying organized during Small Groups? Leave a comment and let me know!

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