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Summer Reading List {2024}

Summer is my favorite season for SO many reasons {no school certainly tops that list!} However, my favorite part of summer is having so much more free time to do what I want! And at the top of my summer list? Reading books, of course!

Picking books to add to my Summer Reads list is one of my favorite things to do each year! {You can catch up on my 2023’s Summer Reads here and my Best of 2023 Reads here}

Picking books to add to this list is tricky! How can I pick just a few of my favorites?

I read over 90 books in the last year, so carving this list to just a few of my faves was a task! I will read pretty much anything {except for sci-fi or super scary books!} My favorite genres are fiction and thrillers.

I always have three books going at once – a book on my kindle, a hardcover, and an audiobook. So that’s the secret for how I read so many books!

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Books You Should Read This Summer

Okay, in no particular order, here are the books that should definitely make it on your TBR list this summer! I’ve included both light reads and some that require a little more of your attention span.

Swan Song

I am SO sad that Swan Song is Elin’s final Nantucket Book. But goodness…it was an absolute perfect end to her ode to this island! What will I do next summer without an ACK book?

Promotional image featuring the book "Swan Song" by Elin Hilderbrand, positioned as a recommended title on the Summer Reading List for 2024 with colorful accents.

You may remember last year that I was a character in The Five Star Weekend! Well, there’s a dog named Molly this year…not gonna say that’s me, but who’s going to argue 😉

Remember when I met Elin a couple of summers ago on ACK? I just like to share this picture of us whenever I can 😂

Funny Story

Emily Henry’s latest book is a winner! I’ve loved them all and this was no exception!

Illustration advertising a book titled "Funny Story" featuring two animated characters dancing, with text "Books You Should Read." Part of the "Summer Reading List for 2024" by Molly's Lucky

Daphne is jilted by her fiance shortly before her wedding. If you’ve ever been dumped, you’ll love this book. It’s witty and has loveable characters.

I listened to this book on libro.fm. It’s my favorite place to get my audiobooks since the proceeds goes to a local independent bookstore of your choice! And the fabulous Julia Whelan read it so of course it was amazing!

Same Time Next Summer

Every summer should include an Annalbe Monaghan book!

Promotional graphic for a Summer Reading List for 2024, titled "Annabel Some Next Summer," featuring a colorful book cover with a woman reading by the sea, surrounded by text recommending summer books

Ali’s life is falling apart – her mom died and her husband left her. She doesn’t want to wear real pants {relatable?!} She meets a man at the dog park who gives her hope.

This book is the perfect summer read!

Behind Every Good Man

Have you read any Sara Goodman Confino books yet? DO IT! Her books are so entertaining and well-written. And the best part? She’s a teacher!

Promotional graphic for a book titled "Behind Every Good Man" by Sara Jo Confino, featured on the Summer Reading List for 2024, with colorful text and an illustration of a woman.

Beverly catches her husband cheating on her and decides to leave him – something scandalous for the time. She joins an aspiring politician on his hourey to get elected.

I’ve read a few of her books and I love that they are set in a bygone era. It’s hard to wrap my head around that women were not able to do things like be on the deed of a house or have their own credit card! Wild how far we’ve come {and yet still so far to go}

This book doesn’t come out till August but seriously pre-order it! You’ll fall in love with the characters!

The Women

This may be the first Kristin Hannah book I’ve read recently that did not make me cry. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are definitely sad parts but it didn’t gut me like her other books.

Promotional graphic for the Summer Reading List for 2024 featuring the book "The Women" by Kristin Hannah, noted as a "New York Times bestselling author," with colorful decorative elements

It’s an eye-opening look into the important {but not acknowledged} role women had in the Vietnam War. This book kept reminding me of the huge sacrifices people make when joining the Armed Forces and certainly gave me an even bigger appreciation.

The Rom-Commers

I always love the fun twists Katherine Center creates on the traditional romance novel tropes.

Promotional image for "The Rom-Commers" by Katherine Center, featuring an illustrated book cover with two characters, part of the "Summer Reading List for 2024" campaign.

Emma is waiting for her big break into Hollywood as a screenwriter and she’s given an opportunity of a lifetime – to fix up the famous Charlie Yates most recent {and horrendous} screenplay. It’s a fun back and forth of bickering and deep understanding of each other. Loved it!

First Lie Wins

I listened to First Lie Wins and it was all sorts of twisty goodness. Definitely not scary {no need to wait for daylight for this one} but lots of, “what is going on?” thoughts!

Promotional graphic for the book "First Lie Wins" by Ashley Lucky, labeled as part of the Summer Reading List for 2024, highlighted by colorful abstract designs.

Books I Want to Read This Summer

Here are a few books that I can’t wait to get my hands on this summer!

A Novel Love Story

Have you ever read anything by Ashely Poston? I honestly can’t describe what they are – just that they are unique plots with quirky characters. I can’t wait to read her latest!

Colorful promotional graphic for "a novel love story" by Ashley Poston, featuring the book cover surrounded by vibrant text and illustrations, highlighting it as a 2024 Summer Reading List pick.

This Summer Will Be Different

I am anxious to read Carley Fortune’s latest. I loved her debut novel but wasn’t a huge fan of last year’s summer reads. Hoping This Summer Will Be Different…well, is different haha!

Graphic promoting Summer Reading List for 2024 with a book titled "This Summer Will Be Different" by Carley Fortune, highlighted as part of the "2024 Summer Reads" series by

The Paris Widow

“WHAT” is my thought for every single Kimberly Belle book I read – her plot twists are so much fun to keep up with. I can’t wait for The Paris Widow.

A promotional image for a book titled "The Paris Widow" by Kimberly Belle, surrounded by the text "Summer Reading List for 2024" and colorful decorative elements.

The Next Mrs. Parrish

Years ago I read The Last Mrs. Parrish and oh.my.word. It was un-put-down-able! I can’t wait to dig into The Next Mrs. Parrish {although there is no way it can be as good!}

Graphic promoting "The Next Mrs. Parrish" for the Summer Reading List for 2024, featuring the book cover with a woman in a pink dress holding an umbrella.

The Unwedding

Do you get excited when a book takes place in a place you’ve been? I do! The Unwedding is a who-dun-it I can’t wait to add to my Kindle!

Colorful graphic featuring a book cover titled "The Unwedding" by Ally Condie, surrounded by text "Summer Reading List for 2024" against a light background.

What Have You Done?

This is another book that comes out late summer but I’ve already pre-ordered because I know Shari Lapena’s books are always a great thriller.

Colorful promotional image for a book titled "What Have You Done?" by Shari Lapena, featuring a book cover with a rural road and a distant car, surrounded by captions about the Summer Reading

Husbands & Lovers

I am a sucker for a dual perspective/dual timeline book. Husbands & Lovers seems like it will be a summer hit and I’m excited to read it!

Colorful graphic promoting "Summer Reading List for 2024" featuring the book cover of "Husbands and Lovers" by Beatriz with the title "Books I Want to Read" above

Do you have any books that I must read? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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