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Integrating Art and Creativity: Inspiring Back to School Projects

It’s back to school time, and of course, I am focused on getting to know the students, setting up the classroom, and communicating with parents. However, K-2 students need this time to express their creativity through art! Starting the year with inspiring back-to-school projects is so much fun! Here are

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Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in the Classroom

Birthdays are so important in K-2 classrooms! Of course, primary students love to be recognized on their birthdays. Get ready to celebrate your students’ birthdays with these ways to celebrate birthdays in K-2 classrooms. Keep in mind that you can’t do ALL of these activities or you’d never get anything

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Stay Organized This School Year

Are you ready to unlock the secret to a successful and stress-free teaching experience? Look no further than the power of organization! As a teacher, staying organized is not just a beneficial skill, but it is also vital for your effectiveness in the classroom. From managing lesson plans to keeping

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Using Daily Edits to Grow Writers

Writing feels like an overwhelming subject to teach, no matter what grade level you are in {it’s not just me, right?!}. But in the younger grades, it can feel especially daunting. Your students are starting with almost nothing. And the expectations of where they need to be by the end

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Writing Activities to Use in Early Elementary

Teaching writing should start early. Even your kindergarten students can start forming sentences and stories to share with their classmates and families. Keep reading to learn more about my favorite writing activities for first graders and even our youngest learners! This post contains affiliate links.  By purchasing an item using these

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