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Calendar Freebie

As I mentioned in my Back to School Classroom Tour post, I was tired of looking at my calendar! So, I created a whole new set of numbers and headers!

Now I’m happy to look at my calendar! You can snag the calendar freebies {here}

* Please note that the month cards are each on a separate paper. {see below!}  I was having trouble printing the pages with more than one month on a page because of the size of the graphics! So, I spaced the months so that you could run the same piece of paper through your printer twice!

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  1. cute idea with the calendar! 🙂 I love your Constitution Day freebie – thanks so much! I love that book and own it as well – great way to break down all those words! (Now I just need to find where I put it from last year!).

    🙂 Chrissy
    Adventures In Second Grade

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