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Hurry to 120 Game!

Writing numbers correctly can be quite a challenge for young math learners. Not only are students working to write numbers in the correct orientation, they’re also trying to learn the order of numbers!

I’m sharing one of my favorite games for practicing numbers in a fun way! Because let’s be honest…if you turn anything into a game kids will buy in, right?

This ready-to-go game {seriously, you just print and go!} will give your students a chance to practice numbers and cooperation!

Hurry to 40 {to 50/90/120/etc.} is a collaborative game that will give your students a chance to practice writing their numbers but also build a sense of community among classmates.

The basic concept is to fill up your number chart before any other team.  To play, first split your kids into groups of four or five.  Once you say go, each child takes a turn writing one number in a box, then passes it to the next child who writes one number in the box, and so on. The kids must write their numbers correctly {no reversals!} so it’s definitely a challenge!

It’s always fun to listen to the kids help each other out and cheer each other on! The goal is to make it all the way to 120!

Want to try it in your classroom? Enter your info below and I’ll send it your way!

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