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Math games can be a great way to build mathematical skills in an engaging and entertaining way. Whether your kids are learning addition, subtraction, or even more advanced concepts, playing math games is a fun and effective way to get them thinking and learning.

Not only do math games help solidify basic arithmetic skills like addition and subtraction, but they also help develop problem-solving skills that can be applied to more difficult tasks in the future.

Need a few new FREE math games? Keep reading – I’ve got lots to share so you can get started using math games in your classroom!

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Addition Hunt

So much of our day is spent in chairs or on the rug so I love to get the kiddos up and moving!

elementary kids playing math games called addition hunt | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

To prep this game, you simply print out the colored cards {b&w are included} and tape them up around the room. Students then walk around the room to search for the problems to write in the corresponding box.

The Addition Hunt is a great way to work on skills and get some energy out!

Subtraction Hunt

Since my students loved the addition hunt so much, I followed it up with a Subtraction Hunt! You play this game the same way – just print, laminate, and hang around your room.

Connect Four

Another fun game to strengthen math skills is Connect Four! Since many kids are already familiar with the concept of the board game they get excited to play the math version!

Of course, you can liven it up by printing the game onto bright paper. Who doesn’t love Astrobights? It just makes every activity better, right?

connect four math game for kids | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

I’ve included an addition and subtraction version of these math games for you to use. All you need to play is some dice {my favorite are these foam dice so it’s quiet!} and transparent counters.

For the subtraction version, I wrote numbers the numbers {5-10} onto blank dice so the numbers would be big enough to subtract! You can buy blank dice or pick up blank foam cubes at the dollar store!

math centers in a snap logo | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ is a different spin on to the kids. To play, students take turns rolling two dice and adding the numbers.  They cross out the sum. The player to cross out the final number is the winner!

Copy this gameboard onto bright colored paper to make it a little more exciting and laminate it so the kids can use dry-erase markers instead! Or you can always slip it into a sheet protector instead.

Numbers Undercover

Another of my favorite math games is Numbers Undercover and Doubles Undercover. We play this game A LOT during math time to work on those addition skills – especially the all-important Doubles skill!

This is an excellent game to send home for your home families to practice for homework.

I always laminate the games with my Scotch Laminator so they’re durable to reuse over and over!

Ready to grab these games?

Need more?

Games are my absolute favorite way to reinforce concepts in my class. In fact, we play games EVERY SINGLE DAY in my first grade!

Want a whole set of math games delivered to your door each month? Check out Centers in a Snap! Twelve games + all materials needed are delivered each day to your door with engaging themes and skills.

I’ve created three levels of games: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade! Head over and read more about math center games & activities here!

Recap of Math Mania

You can read more about my Math Games Galore {here} and score a couple more freebies there, too!

Hope you can use all these math games to make learning even more fun {and effective} in your classroom! These games are loved by 1st and 2nd graders everywhere!


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  1. Thanks for the freebie! I’ve been looking for fun dice games to add to my math centers. I’m not very techie though and can’t figure out how to download it. I signed up for the newsletter but I’m still can’t figure it out. Any help you can give to a tech deficient teacher would be so helpful πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the freebies! I am looking forward to introducing these to my kiddos. I haven’t received an email yet, that I am aware of, and I can’t figure out where/how to download. Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.

  3. Thank you so much for the freebies. I am starting Guided Math this year and want to start with Fluency activities for centers. These are perfect!

  4. Thank you for sharing. We have been using the Connect Four sheets at the end of most maths periods. The boys love to play them.

  5. These games are great! Could you make some editions with higher number (for Addition Hunt and Connect 4) for Second Grade? I can always use number cubes instead of basic dice. I use MANY of your items from TPT for my Second grade class, but wish you had more for 2nd! Thanks, I appreciate you!

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