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All About Me Books!

There is very little my mom kept from my childhood but my All About Me Book is actually one of those things!

I vividly remember making this book when I was in first grade! Since I’ve taught first grade, my students have created their own keepsake books {and my hope is that their moms and dads actually keep it, too!}

I fancied up the version I’d been using for the past few years and decided to package it up!
Thank goodness for fun fonts, borders, and clipart!

There is a huge variety of pages included – pick & choose what works best for your class!

It’s fun to read what students include for their likes and their hopes for the future.

There are also a few options for covers. In my class, the kids always make a cover to look like them using scraps of paper.

However, it can be time-consuming! So, I’ve also included 8 different versions using adorable Melonheadz!

Recently, my dad found my 1st-grade book while we were cleaning out some {very} old boxes! It was super fun to re-read! I can not believe my 1st-grade teacher didn’t ride me for my horrific printing! Although looking at my spelling back then, she had bigger fish to fry!

You can snag Marvelous Me over in the Lucky Store.

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