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You know those days when the internet is down at your house and you get SO much done? I think I may have been a lot more productive when the internet wasn’t around.  I wish there was some sort of firewall on your computer that only allowed you to stay in one program at a time {circa 1984 computers!}

Like, if I wanted to leave PowerPoint to check my email, I’d have to do three cartwheels, type in some long combination of numbers and blow quickly on my computer screen 5 times.  Because if I had to do all of those ridiculous things, I would think twice about abandoning the latest worksheet or activity I was creating.  Wouldn’t you?

But, we all know that sometimes we need a break from report cards, writing a paper or even Facebook. So, I present to you a list of my favorite “Go To” sites for when I’m bored and need a distraction!

Mental Floss

Mental floss is a website filled with trivia, brainteasers, facts and quizzes to test your knowledge.  My favorite part of the site is the Amazing Fact Generator.  I have a ridiculous love of useless knowledge.  Spend enough time around me and you’ll hear some of it!

They also have great articles about the most random topics! Have you ever wondered why “will not” changes into “won’t” instead of “willn’t”? Well look no further – here’s your answer!


Another website I am always sucked into is BuzzFeed. I know I’m not the only one who’s taken a quiz to see which body part is my best or what movie best represents me!

Here’s the problem with this website.  They suck you in with one story about “What Your Favorite Babysitter Club Babysitter Says About You,”

Then, it leads you to “50 Mind Boggling Facts About Your Favorite Board Games.”

And then it’s a rabbit hole.  Two hours later, I’ve determined that I should live in Poland and act most like Princess Jasmine! I really do love this site – they have really useful articles too {such as 14 Amazing Tips for Amazon}

Damn You Autocorrect

Another time suck is Damn You Autocorrect.

I giggle every time I read this! I can SO see my mom doing this.  That is, if she knew how to text!

This is Why I’m Broke

For really silly things you didn’t even know you need to buy, check out This is Why I’m Broke. It’s like the SkyMall catalog from the comfort of your own home! An Oreo Dunking spoon? Yes, please!

Books to Entertain!

If you love facts but you’re more into books, check out the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reading Series on Amazon.I’ve been known to read these on the beach or while lying in bed.  I’m a renegade like that.

I also love Imponderables by Dave Feldman.  My dad would always read these books when I was little.  They answer really silly questions!

Well, I hope I’ve helped solve some of your boredom problems!

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  1. OMG- this blog post was written about me!! I swear the Internet has made me have extreme attention issues. Once we had no Interned for 3 days – most productive 3 days I can remember!! Thanks for ideas on new ways to spend time not doing what I am supposed to be doing : )
    Have a fabulous time in Vegas!!

  2. We must be soul sisters because these are some of my favorite websites AND i have been wanting that Oreo dunking spoon for so long!!! Great minds think alike!

    Miss Peluso's Kindergarten

  3. Molly, I feel your pain! I know the dangers of multi-tasking…as I have four different Power Point projects open right now 🙂

    I LOVE Imponderables – I have both of those books in my classroom. My kiddos love reading the weird and zany facts too – it stretches their brains and keeps them occupied.

    Joy in the Journey

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