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Making a Christmas List Classroom Activity {FREEBIE}

Well, December sure came around quickly didn’t it!? It hit me this weekend {as I watched the Black Friday craziness on the news!} that I had yet to purchase a single present – eeeeek!

Thankfully, my sister is on top of her game and she gave me a swift kick to get started! She also shared how she keeps herself organized during the holidays. I fancied it up and I’m sharing with you to help you get started and/or organized!

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This is not my actual list {because I’m told that these people “read” my blog and I don’t want to spoil their presents, nor can I afford a new car or house for my parents!} but here’s a peek at how I would use this organizer!

Simply type in the name, gift and price. Then, you can mark if you’ve purchased, wrapped and sent these presents off!

Want a copy of this editable list? Click the picture below!

I used Kimberly Geswein’s KG Somebody That I Used to Know, so unless you have this font on your computer, it may look a little wonky when you open the file! You can download the font for free {for personal use!} Or, just use your favorite font on your computer!

Hope this helps you stay organized this Christmas season!


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