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Feel Better Books!

Remember as a kid when you were out sick for a day or two and you came back to school? Didn’t it feel like months that you were gone? It felt like you lost touch with all your friends and everything that may have happened during the sick days! {And then, of course, you were saddled with all that make-up work. Sigh}

To make sure our sweet friends do not feel left out from school, I’ve started sending home Feel Better Books if they’re out for a few days or more.

The idea started a few years ago when a friend had a boy in her class who was out of school for a long time because of a serious illness. She had the grand idea to send him a book of notes from classmates to cheer him up. So, I whipped up a cover and a set of notes for his classmates to regal him with. Later, his mom commented to the teacher that the book meant so much to her child.

I’ve included lots of options in the pack {kid in the hospital, getting tonsils out, broken arm/leg, general get well, and much more!}

Both colored and black & white versions of each book are included. Plus, I’ve included both lined and primary lined paper so you can select the right fit for your classroom.

These books are simple to prep and get ready for your students and I promise they will make the under-the-weather friend in your room feel special!

Want to check out Feel Better Books? You can find them in The Lucky Store!

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