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2 Easy Ways to Help Students Edit Writing

Raise your hand if you say at least 15 times a day, “Did you use a capital?” or “Uh oh…I think you need a period at the end of that sentence!” Or maybe even, “Did you use your very best writing?” I know I’m not the only one!

I have two ways to help you solve this problem in your classroom!

Daily Edits

To get your students in the habit of remembering to do all of these important writing skills at once, you can use Everyday Edits (aka Daily Edits).

These {editable} books give your students the opportunity to focus on one sentence and master the foundational writing skills!

After writing the sentence, they check off if they’ve started their sentence with a capital, used finger spaces, used their best handwriting, and finished off with correct punctuation.

Doing these sentences daily as part of our morning routine has made such a difference! Of course, they still forget from time to time, but it’s so much better now!

You can find Daily Edits in The Lucky Store!

Writing Checklist Stamp

Or, if you’d like a simple solution, you can use this self-inking Writing Checklist stamp on any paper. Just stamp and your students can check off as they write!

You can find the Writing Checklist Stamp in The Lucky Shop.

What’s your favorite way to make sure kids use the proper conventions in their writing?

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