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Using iPods as Listening Centers

Like many others, I’ve used Listening Centers in my classroom for years.  Not only is listening to a fluent model an important part of a balanced literacy program, it is also one of the few times you can get a first grader to be quiet! For years, I spent countless

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Student Shout Outs

We all love being recognized for our accomplishments and children are no exception! In fact, if we praise children from a very young age, it will build confidence in all aspects of learning! In the corner of my classroom, I have a Student Shout Out bucket. Each year I have

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Growing Leprechaun Hair

St. Patrick’s Day is hands-down my favorite holiday of the year! I love building the excitement of the sneaky leprechaun as soon as March begins! One of my favorite activities is growing leprechaun hair. It’s such a simple {and fun} activity. You just add dirt, grass {or wheat grass} seeds,

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Math Games Galore FREEBIES!

A long time ago when I was in school, I hated math! It was SO tricky for me to “get” like all of my other classmates. That is until my 2nd-grade teacher started using math games. I was hooked! So when I became a teacher I knew I wanted to

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Hello! Hello!

Hello everyone! So after many months of following lots of AMAZING blogs, I’ve decided to create my very own! I have been inspired by somany wonderful teachers and hope that maybe I can inspire others by sharing a little of my own classroom with all of you! I thought it

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