Want to add FUN to your Math block?

Smart Cookie Math – You’re One Smart Cookie!

I am SO excited to share Smart Cookie Math! Our district’s math program has a HUGE hole in the program’s basic facts component. Enter Smart Cookie Math! A fun & motivational program to get those basic facts mastered! This sequential program takes the students through 30-problem basic math fact tests, one

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Eeeek! It’s a B.A.T. {Book}

I’m baaaaaaccccck! Whew – what a vacation! JB and I finished our East Coast adventure with a trip to NYC. My goodness is that a big {and busy} city! We walked A LOT! 20K steps works out to about 8.5 miles… and that was only at 8 p.m.! We found two

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10 Pins for Back to School

Pinterest is an amazing place! You can find ideas for all sorts of amazing things! Today, I’m sharing my Top 10 Favorite Back to School Pins/Ideas! 1. Back to School Flip Book One word – AMAZING! 2. In the Car Activities {freebie} Shameless plug for my own product! 3. Crossword Back to School Board This

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Top 10 Pins for Writing

Today I’m sharing the best ideas I’ve found on Pinterest for writing! I can honestly say writing is my least favorite subject to teach. Not sure why because I really love to write myself! I have never bought into the whole Writer’s Workshop thing {it’s just too loosey goosey for me}. Am I missing

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Top 10 Math Pins

There are tons of great math ideas over on Pinterest and today I’m sharing a few of my favorites! 1. Common Core Math Flip Books These are such an awesome resource for Common Core.  Simply download, print and assemble.  Super practical (and grade specific) examples of applying the common core standards.  Even better…they’re free! Related:

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Noise Meter Freebie

We all have those days that we just can’t handle the noise in the primary classroom, right? You can only say, “Shhhh” or “Inside voices” so many times! I’m sharing this FREEBIE in the hope that it will buy you a little peace and quiet from time to time! To

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