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Top 10 Pins for Writing

Today I’m sharing the best ideas I’ve found on Pinterest for writing!

I can honestly say writing is my least favorite subject to teach. Not sure why because I really love to write myself! I have never bought into the whole Writer’s Workshop thing {it’s just too loosey goosey for me}. Am I missing something? Does anyone have a system that works {and is NOT WW?}

Check out my favorite writing Pins!

1. Colorful Words Pens

How fancy would the kids feel using my special pens?!?

2. Punctuation Songs {freebie}

We sang these songs ALL THE TIME last year! While I can’t guarantee it worked, it certainly got them thinking about punctuation for sure!

3. Writing Paper with Checklist!

How great is Mel D’s writing paper?! Without fail, kids forget capitals, periods and spaces! Not any more with this fabulous paper! Well, in a perfect world!

4. Smiley Sentences Checklist {freebie!}

Love this visual! Are you seeing a theme of my pins! Ha!

5. Writer’s Notebooks

I’m all about organizing, so I think this idea is fab! Not sure it would really work in first grade, but I think it’s great!

6. Class Journals

I was not convinced my class could handle this, but they ended up LOVING it!

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7. Writing Offices

I love this idea! It would be fun to tell the kids to go to “their office” and write!

8. Punctuation People

These just crack me up! I just want to do the project so I can stare at these little cuties on my bulletin board!

9. Sight Word Songs {freebie}

I snuck this one in under writing! These songs are also part of our “Greatest Hits!”

10.  I Can Write…

I super duper love Lori Rosenberg’s writing menus! Last year, I posted these on my back cabinets as I’d introduced a new writing option. Fab!

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  1. Wow! You had me racing all over the blogosphere for some really great ideas! I'm starting to get excited about school now that I have my class list. I am recycling at least three families this year where I've already had their siblings. Enjoyed each family too! Can't wait!

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