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Monster Mania!

My near freakout in the store brings you Monster Mania – 15 Activities, Games & Worksheets for Your Little Monsters to Practice Common Core Skills.  {Is that title a mouthful or what?! I really just wanted to get that “little monsters” phrase in, so I had to throw in the rest of those fancy words, too 🙂 I promise that there are some rad games, activities and worksheets included!}

I was walking through CVS the other day & I almost freaked out that Halloween stuff was out…and then I realized that it really is just around the corner! So, instead of throwing a fit in the store, I decided to go home and get excited about ghouls, ghosts & monsters myself!

To be honest, there are more than 15 things included in this pack, but I just really liked using the number 15 {instead of 16 or 17…that just seemed odd}

I purposefully stayed away from the Halloween theme on this one so that you can spread this goody throughout the year and not mention the H-word until absolutely necessary!  Is it just my kids or do all kids start to freak out about Halloween come October 1st?!!

For many of the Activities, I also included a worksheet that the kids could do independently as morning work or as a followup.

Here’s some of what’s included:

This activity was a great quick assessment to see who “gets” before & after!

They could not get ENOUGH of this game!

There is SO much more in this pack! It will keep your kiddos learning for hours! Head on over to the Lucky Store to grab it!


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  1. It looks awesome Molly! I love the concept of being able to use it all year with the general concept of monsters. Are you ready for a monster movie flashback? I loved "Little Monsters" starring Fred and Ben Savage!
    A Burst of First

  2. This is super cute! I like the fact that it isn't just for Halloween and can be used all year long! I have to say my favorite monster movie is Monster's Inc! Love Sully! I started calling my choc lab "Boo" after I fell in love with the movie {her name is really Bella}… Anyways really cute activities! Love your stuff! 🙂


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