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Gotta LOVE Fridays!

Love is in the air…every time I look around! {Are you humming along as I sing?}

This week I fell in LOVE! One of my absolute favorite people had a baby…and he’s perfect! Here’s a pic of me and my new Godson!

I could snuggle this little bundle all day!!

Here’s a peek at a few other things we did this week! We made these fun valentine bags.

I saw Rulin’ the Roost’s adorable Owl bags on Instagram!

I let my kids go wild – we didn’t use any tracers, templates or mandated colors! Kinda fun for a change to let the kids have total free reign! They turned out adorable!

We filled our week with some Valentine fun! We wrote some amazing Love poems using Primarily Speaking’s Valentine’s Day Fun! I loved reading their responses! So innocent at 6 🙂

We got up and movin’ using A Burst of First’s I Spy February Pack. My kiddos went bananas for the place value one! They have so much fun wandering around the classroom looking for the hidden numbers! I’ve already prepped the Presidents’ Day set for our first day back after break!

We also slipped in a little mystery picture, too! You can find it in Deirdre’s Valentine’s Day Common Core Goodies pack!

As a student was passing out the papers, I overheard another student shout, “I LOVE these!” Overall, Valentine’s Day in the classroom was a success!

I spent a little free time updating a few products this week! To my Explore the 7 Continents bundle, I added “Around the Continent Spinners!”

I puffy heart these little spinners! I’ve included country count, population, map, and biggest and smallest countries within the continent. There’s one included for each continent!

I also completely revamped by Super Star Spelling Dictionary and updated Super Duper Spelling Practice! If you own these, make sure to head over a re-download this packs!

Listmania got a fun new cover 🙂

Lastly, I added another component to the Smart Cookie Math program! I had a lot of people asking me to create another set of worksheets for students to practice the problems {without using the test sheet!}! The Smart Cookie Math Printables sets has 70+ pages of practice!

I’ve included a variety of options so your students don’t get bored with the exact printable over and over!

Here’s a peek at two activities included!

In other classroom adventures, we went on a field trip this week to a local aviation museum.  Part of our “when we get back to school routine” is to write a thank you note to our drivers!

The students say thank you, along with what their favorite part of the field trip was!

Click the picture to snag a copy for yourself!

Happy {Almost!} Valentine’s Day!


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  1. I liked how you linked to some of the products you used in your classroom! I'm always looking for new things and new people to follow. 🙂

  2. You have a new godson, that's awesome! Your students' Valentine's Day bags turned out so cute! I agree, sometimes it is just so perfect to just let them create from scratch. And, that poem is probably the sweetest thing I've ever read! Thank you so much for sharing; it made my day!

    Primarily Speaking

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