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Long Friday Post…WITH FREEBIES!

Is it a universal truth that Staff Rooms at all schools are disgusting? I always wonder who leaves their dirty plates/forks/tupperware just sitting around waiting for the magic elf to wash their dishes. Gross! I can only imagine what their homes look like 😉

For a gentle reminder, I made this sign for our Staff Room. Miraculously, it’s working! Click the picture to grab a copy for your own Staff Room.

Because we only go to school for three weeks this month, I always feel like I’m running around like a crazy person trying to squeeze in all the fun! On top of all the “fun stuff” I’m somehow trying to squeeze in some learning!

We started the week reviewing the ever-tricky skill of contractions! We used The Contractions of the Bus activity.

The kids totally “got” it – I am blown away that it just took one activity to sink in!

Lately, we’ve been practicing our long vowels…A LOT! I figured they were getting bored with our usual Word Work activities during Daily 5, so I added this little activity to the mix!

The students read the long vowel word on the heart, record it and drop it into the correct mailbox! Two days in and they’re begging for more activities!

Grab this FREEBIE below!

We also re-purposed our mailboxes for a little math fun! {You can pick up the mailboxes at Target Dollar Spot!}

The big winner this week, however, has been Happy Hearts Math! We used these mini boxes of Conversation Hearts {available at CVS!} to predict, graph and interpret the data! It was AWESOME!

You can find these activities and a bunch others in my Stop in the Name of Love Unit!

    Thinking ahead towards next week, I helped my sister get ready for her classroom Valentine’s Day Party! With some Pinspiration, I created this iLove valentine holder.

    To make, simply cover an old cereal box with colored construction paper, print out these little gems, write in some fun love songs and get ready for the valentines to pour in 🙂

    Click the pictures to grab a copy of this iLove Valentine box for yourself!

    Related Reading: Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas for Elementary Students

    I also managed to to add a few goodies to my TpT Store this week, too! If you use Smart Cookie Math in your classroom, you may want to check out these self-checking flashcards.

    Although there is an App for kids to use at home {or in your classroom!} I’ve found that a few kids don’t have access to Apple devices.  So, these flashcards were born!

    The smile on this little lady’s face was priceless! She was so excited to go home and practice with these brightly colored facts! Excitingly…she passed her level the next day, too!

    I also made a set for Smart Cookie Multiplication, too!

    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Love the little mailboxes from Target! I picked some up too! You just have to love Target's Dollar Section! It gets me every time!

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