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October Math Games

I am thrilled so many teachers have jumped at the chance to have ready-to-go math games for your classroom centers! These teachers are saving time and energy by not running around looking for games to fill up their math centers!

Centers in a Snap was designed for you to open the box, make a few cuts, and get your kiddos going on standards-based games. Oh, and all manipulatives are included in the box so you don’t need to run around a find anything!

There are three boxes to choose from each month: Kindergarten Math Games, 1st Grade Math Games, and 2nd Grade Math Games. Each game is designed to be skill-appropriate for the current month using fun Halloween and Fall themes.

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Read on to take a peek at a few of the games included in October’s Centers in a Snap games!

Game Directions

Each math centers game includes written directions that also have a QR code. When a student scans the QR code, I teach them how to play the game so you don’t have to 🙂

Students simply scan QR codes & I teach them to play!

The directions walk students through the materials they will need to play the game, as well as how to play. Imagine teaching one less thing – amazing, right!?

Foundational Skills

Since it’s still the beginning of the year and kids are just getting in the groove of learning to play games, most of the games this month focus on foundational skills such as adding and subtracting.

All of the pictures below are from the first grade box. However, I’ve included notes below each game to show how the different versions vary slightly.

A Web of Problems

This game gives your students a chance to practice addition. They select a problem on the web and cover it with the included plastic spiders.

The included digital file for 1st grade has more variations of this game: subtraction and mixed addition and subtraction.

Kindergarten: numbers 1-10 {additional games include tallies and dice recognition}
2nd Grade: sums through 20 {additional games include subtraction and mixed addition and subtraction}

Batty for Place Value

We all know how tricky place value is…and just how long it takes to master. So I’ve included a fun game that students go batty over and a chance to start practicing.

The goal is to spin and build your way up to 100 first.

Kindergarten: numbers 1-10 {additional games include tallies and dice recognition}
2nd Grade: build to 100 but with larger numbers on the spinner}

Haunting Fact Families

Related Facts are such an important skill for students to master.

For this game, students fill the windows with the numbers to create the related addition and subtraction facts.

Kindergarten: not families in K – 1:1 correspondence
2nd Grade: larger sums

Monster Math

You may recognize this type of game from my Circling Sums pack. I added it into October’s Centers in a Snap because it’s always a hit! Oh, and it focuses on making tens pairs!

Students take turns circling pairs of tens and tallying up the amount they find.

Kindergarten: students flip number cards and circle the corresponding number.
2nd Grade: students can circle two or three numbers to add up to 10.

Spinning Numbers

Students work together to match up the place value cards with the matching number. Then, they draw the numbers on the included recording sheet.

Kindergarten: numbers 0 -10
2nd Grade: bigger numbers!

Making 10s Monsters

This game will be the BIGGEST hit this month! Your students will use these darling monster puppets to practice making ten and then try to be the first player to get five in a row.

You can use the included recording sheet if you’d like your students to record the problems, too.

Kindergarten: subtraction from 5
2nd Grade: Making 100 {each monster represents 10}

Do you spy a game your students would love to play this month? There are six more games included for October, too!

Want to try out an October game? Sign up below!

Make sure to sign up for Centers in a Snap – there are only a limited number of boxes each month and you don’t want to miss out on saving yourself time and giving your students fun!

If you’re using the digital version of Centers in a Snap, you can find the materials included in the box here.

Want to read more about how to use these games? Check out this blog post!

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  1. As a first grade teacher, I am thrilled to have found this blog post! These games are useful and age appropriate. I enjoy that the games seem quick and can easily be embedded into a normal daily schedule. I also enjoy that some of the games are pretty self explanatory. This will allow students to participate in their learning and in self discovery of content. These games are engaging and would make for some very fun and enriching math centers!

  2. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these centers. They are highly engaging, durable and everything is at your fingertips. Teachers on my team love them and will be ordering soon as well! 5 stars!!

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