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August Math Games

One of the best tools for engaging your young learners in the classroom is using games! Games are a valuable tool for creating interactive and dynamic learning environments in the primary classroom. Not only are they entertaining, but playing games enhances engagement with hands-on learning, fosters critical thinking, and strengthens social-emotional connections.

But it can be a LOT of work to gather all the games and materials! Not to worry – I’ve done all the work for you!

Centers in a Snap is delivered to your front door with games for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, or 2nd Grade. Each Centers in a Snap box is filled with 12 standards-based games and the materials to go along with it. These games will give your students a chance to practice foundational math skills.

Get your students excited about playing math games in the classroom | These ready to go math games are delivered to your door with all you need to play!

You’ll be able to get your Centers in a Snap games ready to go for years to come in just one 45 minute prep period! All you need to do is just open the box, cut a few pieces, and add the games to your classroom.

Ready for the most amazing part? EVERYTHING you need for the math games is included in the Centers in a Snap box so you don’t need to scour the shelves at any store. What will you do with the extra time?!

The August boxes are available in three versions: August Kindergarten Math Games, August 1st Grade Math Games, and August 2nd Grade Math Games.

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These standards-based, skill-appropriate games will have your students begging to play! The amazing thing about this August box is that the themes are generic {no holidays or seasons!} so you can truly slip these games into your learning at any point during the year.

Keep reading to take a peek at a few of the games included in August’s Centers in a Snap box!

Game Directions

As teachers we get tired of repeating the same directions over and over, right? Well, I’m solving that problem! Every Centers in a Snap game includes a QR code. When your student scans the QR code, I show them how to play it so you don’t have to!

Students simply scan QR codes & I teach them to play!

Each direction card has the materials listed and simple-to-understand directions. If your student happens to forget how to play, they can simply scan the QR code and get a quick refresher on a safe share site – I’ve played all the games so you will never need to even teach them! Each of the videos is between 2- 4 minutes so it won’t cut too much into their playtime!

If your students can’t access the games via QR codes I also have the games posted on a website that you can bookmark for your students to access at anytime.

August Games

Keep reading to learn more about August Math Games {and hang out till the bottom where you can snag a FREE August game!}

Please note: all of the game pictures below are from the 1st Grade Centers in a Snap August box. However, there are notes below each game to show how the different grade levels vary slightly.

Scoring Doubles

We all know just how important knowing doubles facts are! So Scoring Doubles will give your students lots of practice!

Students roll a ten-sided die, double it, and cover the number on his/her gameboard. First player to cover all the numbers on their gameboard is the winner!

Kindergarten: students roll one die and find the matching number in their goal
2nd Grade: students roll two ten-sided dice and add

Number Vacation

This game challenges your students! On their roll, they decide if they want to add or subtract numbers on the gameboard to determine what to cover up. So if they roll a 9, they could either cover the 9 and 0, 8 and 1, 7 and 2, 4 and 5, etc.

Since this game goes quickly, they’ll play multiple rounds and keep track of who wins each round!

Kindergarten: students match the number rolled on a ten-sided die
2nd Grade: same game as first grade

Rockin’ Out with Odds and Evens

This game will give your students a chance to master odds and evens {which even at the end of the school year some of my students still struggled with!}

Using a custom-made Odd/Even coin, students take turns flipping the coin and covering a corresponding number. The goal is to be the first player to close up the square!

Kindergarten: smaller numbers
2nd Grade: larger mumbers

If there is one game your students will beg you to play in this set of games, it will be Secret Agent Search!

For this activity, students will solve the equation on the card, record his/her answer, and check the answer with the decoder.

Two versions are included for each grade level so you can either use both sets in the same month or spread it out!

Kindergarten: easier equations
2nd Grade: double-digit addition

Berry Fun Fractions

No matter how many times I go over fractions, I realize we can always use a little extra help!

Berry Fun Fractions is a fun game your students will be able to play multiple times during their turn at this game!

To play, the first player spins and matches the fraction on the gameboard with a strawberry. First player to use up all the strawberries is the winner!

Kindergarten: tens frames
2nd Grade: more challenging fractions

Rolling Tens Monster

These cute monsters will make creating tens fun! On his/her turn, students roll the die and determine the number needed to make a ten. First player to fill up their gameboard is the winner!

Kindergarten: same game as first
2nd Grade: making hundreds

Which students will your students love in August? Don’t forget: there are six more August games for your students to love, too!

Want to take a peek at an August game? Enter your info below and I’ll email the Chewing on Sums game from each of the three grade levels!

Don’t miss out on Centers in a Snap – there are only a limited number of boxes made each month!

If you’re using the digital version of Centers in a Snap, you can find some of the materials included in the box here.

Can’t figure out how to manage? No problem – learn how to organize math centers here!

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